• Rebecca Larsen

Be EPIC and Support Local Business

Client: Te Puke Promotions and Events Group

Problem: Encourage local support for retailers

Solution: EPIC Dollars

Te Puke Events and Promotions group serve their local community by organising local events and promotions to engage and ignite their community. The organisation is partially funded by retailers who voluntarily show their support financially.

Retailers wanted to see a return for their support from the community, support for their local business. EPIC Dollars were created as a tool which supports those businesses who support their local community events.

EPIC Dollars are a local gift certificate which is available in denominations of $5, $25 and $100 values. The currency is both available to the public to purchase and used by the organisation for prize money at events and promotions for their retailers. The retailers are now looped into the circle of support - giving back to their community (events) and getting back from their community (support via EPIC Dollars).

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